Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Air Circulation

The air conditioning died a few days ago. My hair is suffering from the flattening/matting effects of humidity. Oh I do want to go home to Alaska. But, I am enjoying the zoo that Raven and Matt have accumulated in their short time in Florida. The birds have taken to me and while one likes to peck at my feet until I rub its neck, the other sits on the keyboard while I type working at my fingertips. Errands that need to be accomplished in the next week include finding a duffel that I can toss after I use it, printing postcard pictures, stamps, and boxing bike.

Now that the trip is over Matt and I decided to test out my security devices. The 95 decibel noise maker that I mistakenly let Matt have, does work. Raven may kill me. However, we decided to test the mace. It was expired and less than potent. We tried it on a bee and Matt ended up in the wind trail with no adverse affects.