Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Strip Mall Story

While there was a good chunk of time spent basking in the blow of the fan watching Larry the Cableguy: Health Inspector and the iPhone keynote from months go, I did accomplish a few things. I found out which bike shop will box up my bike. It happens to have a lounge attached. By the way liquor stores are all called "package" at least in Florida. I was a little confused when I crossed over the Florida border, but wasn't quite prepared to ask what kind of package it was. Matt and I gave the puppy a bath after it shat in its crate. I worked on laundry, attempting not to lose my socks and moved into the guest room previously inhabited by Chris and Jackie. Raven's family headed out today in a rental to visit a Tim. I rode out to the deadly interstate to the CVS to get pictures with words printed off. Part of what must make this such a disaster of a road is that it is just one long strip mall. You can drive for half an hour and not think you'd moved at all.

But before all of this took place, Raven left her parking brake on as she began her drive to work. She realized this, but her brakes overheated and went out. Matt went to get her and she left for work in the truck. So I followed Matt in "The Green Bean" some distance down the strip to Just Brakes for them to tell Matt that they are fine now. I didn't get lost and I got out of the house for a semi useful purpose.