Thursday, July 19, 2007

On the road/boat again...

I leave on Monday with my affairs at least mostly in order. The crate from Service Transfer is coming Friday afternoon and leaving with my few belongings that are not going on the bike Monday morning. I picked up my last paycheck from the school. I'm sharing a post office box in town with Jeff, Kristine, and Cerissa. My bike visited Dennis yesterday and got some TLC. Chris very kindly lent me his bike trailer so I can test out the BOB experience. I still have a few people to visit and laundry needs to be done, but I'm close enough. For those that want the details...

Leave on ferry from Sitka to Juneau on Monday afternoon.
Spend night in Juneau with warmshowers hosts.
Two day ferry ride ending in Whittier the morning of the 26th.
I know I have a place to stay in Palmer, but I also have inclings of places in Anchorage that I can stop in at... but I'm not sure.
Kristine and Jeff's wedding in Anchorage on the 11th.
Ride to Fairbanks, Tok, Dawson, Whitehorse, Haines, or something like that.
Come back to Sitka via ferry when I'm done.

For those that didn't get the bulk email I have a new phone number and mailing address. Just jot me an email at if I missed you.