Monday, July 23, 2007

Sitka - Juneau


Adjusting to the weight of the trailer, I rode up on a family also heading to the ferry terminal. Even this trio of Vancouverites had heard about the College's "financial issues". Since Sitka's not really a hot spot for touring with its 14 miles of road, these were the first touring cyclists I'd seen in town. Susan, the braces laden mother, offered to let me pass as I remembered my painful time of orthodontia. I passed her up on the offer until we neared the ferry so that I could capture the moment on camera.

The ride was brief especially due to my intermittent naps punctuated by squawks over the loud speaker, announcing whales near the point/buoy of whatchamacallit island. The Shuefelt's home was warm and on the side of a hill. Across the street, the view blocking lot lay undeveloped, perhaps in fear of landslides. As in children's homes all around the world, Harry Potter was being read aloud to the younger, Laurel. Megan, the older, was on hand as the Potter expert while she wrapped Snowball, the cat, around her neck like a boa. The cat loved her. After soaking up Italian soup and chamomile tea and perusing the 2nd edition and severely outdated version of the Alaska Bicycle Touring Guide, I went to sleep in a very pink room.