Thursday, August 16, 2007

Anchorage to Palmer

And so I left the yellow home of shrinky-dinks, outdated atlas's, and low flying indoor windchimes. No longer the Swearingen's token "tent dweller", I rolled up Lake Otis and out of Anchorage. For lack of map, I did quite well negotiating the many bicycle route signs out to Eagle River. The convenient bike paths petered off by Eklutna, but the Old Glenn Highway turned to the right shortly after offering an alternative to the drone of the evening commute. I stopped at the Butte Cafe an hour before Palmer that seemed to hold a colorful crowd. Immediately a spry old man from Talkeetna popped out to talk at me and admire my Georgiana Terry and my whole rig. Once able to remove myself, I went inside to relieve myself and pick up some liquid. I arrived at the Iliff's home where Sloan(cat sitter)appeared to be waiting for me with spaghetti and brownies prepared, but she does get home from work late.