Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I did the rounds.

It being Halloween, I took the Iliffs to the airport in Anchorage. With the two on their way to Sitka, I started making calls.

I met Karissa at Kaladi Brothers on Frontage Rd. She had described it as "go to New Seward and take the exit, but don't get on and stay right." I ended up doing a big loop and called her back for some more specific instructions. We managed to chat for a while before she really needed to start studying for her mid-term. She thinks she'll be done in August.

So I moved on to visit the Swearingens. Toni was investigating a chicken pomegranate recipe and I quite enjoyed the finished product. However, the silence coming from Ed's direction indicated that he did not. He ate a bowl of cereal with a big spoon. As the trick-or-treaters started to arrive, it was time for me to move on.

I stopped by APU to visit Bill and his new friend, Lily. I pointed out to her as she worked in a resource lab that she had a nice stapler and variety of colored paper that she was not instructed to guard with her life. Every time I go there I realize more and more how few resources we had at SJ. Last time I visited, Bill pointed out to me that the school hired someone to come and really clean off the sidewalks. They also have a fountain and I haven't found any buildings that have been under construction for the last ten years... but we don't need to compare. A Halloween party was in full swing complete with a cereal killer and a pregnant RA.

Deciding that I wasn't in college any more and that I wanted more than the 4 hours of sleep I'd had the night before, I hit the Glenn Highway home.