Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Avoiding turtles, but not cats

The Iliffs brought a fourth cat back from Sitka. It's the one in the sink. Not so much afraid of water that one.

In another turn of events, I'll be getting a kitten in a week. Though he has no folds he comes from a litter of Scottish Folds in Sutton. He is not pictured... yet.

I just finished three days of subbing for a Spanish teacher. We drew monstruos and made esqueletos. For the record, I don't speak Spanish. To rationalize to the kids why I was their sub, I told them I could color. It worked.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

alumni of nowhere

As I sit in my little basement reading the SJC Watch blog keeping me up to date on who has most recently sent who to collections, I am reminded of something.

I don't have an alma mater.

It isn't as bad as you think. I won't get the annoying letters from my college asking me to donate to the endowment. I can't really think of too many other positives actually. If anyone could help me out there, I'd appreciate it. I can always get my transcripts from somewhere in case I decide to go to grad school to be an alumni of somewhere again.

My only hoodie, which is comfortable and warm, is a Sheldon Jackson College collector's item. I think that Chuck is going to sell his on eBay someday. You should see the Enron stuff you can buy. But when I wear the blue and gold in public, it is as if I'm wearing a ghost.

People talk.

I'm usually the one that has to break it to them that the school they went to, wanted to go to, knew someone who went to is, for all real purposes, closed. The news just didn't really make it this far north. While most of the time I kick myself for not wearing alternative clothing so that I could order coffee without being reminded of the people that are still out of work, it occasionally comes in handy.

As I was taught at SJ to apply my life experiences, I used the scenario in a job interview to demonstrate how I deal with stressful situations in the work place.

I got the job.

Monday, November 5, 2007


He is one of the two cats I should head over and feed pretty soon.