Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Skirts, soup, and sleep.

I'm now on day three or four of vacation. It depends on weather you count a day that I was so loopy from lack of sleep that I wasn't much use. The sister and the nephew are here and we've been doing stuff. I made a skirt (see picture of fabric) and we went and laid out the t-shirts for my graduation quilt. I know you are thinking... didn't she graduate over a year ago... but the idea needed some formulation. Today is soup supper day. Tomorrow is lunch with George and Norma and dinner with Katie. Then Friday at some point in time I drive up to Bellingham to see Katie and Rachel. They mentioned something about yams.

So vacation is good, but every time the phone rings my gut is telling me to say "Alaska Family Services, Rebecca speaking, how may I help you?" Maybe that is why my own phone is pretty much always on vibrate.