Sunday, March 23, 2008

F Cancer. Love magnets.

Today was my friend Laurel's F Cancer fundraiser. She's my age, a college graduate, recently moved to the valley, previously employed in social services, and getting it in the ass by our poor health care system. It could've been me. So I helped put out sheets for the 200 some odd silent auction items. I only ended up bidding on blown glass magnets that her brother-in-law makes. I might have gotten a little out of control and didn't realized how many I'd bid on. So I got 23 for $78. They are beautiful little useful art and I didn't have any other magnets for my fridge.

So the news... I realized tonight that I haven't really told any of you that I got a promotion to Children's Group Advocate. I applied Thursday before last or the day after it was posted. I interviewed on Tuesday. I was hired Wednesday. I technically start Monday. My schedule doesn't change until April. But I will work 30 hours a week five days a week ( in a row ) from 3pm-9pm. Now I will accrue personal and medical leave and get reimbursed $75 a month for health club membership. So I'm hoping that I can do it at Blue Mountain Wellness Studio. It would pay for yoga and not sweaty elliptical machines. No medical and no pay raise, but now I get to plan for the kid's groups I facilitate.

Speaking of which, I have groups and AMSEA classes to finish planning for by Tuesday.