Friday, August 15, 2008

Seeing some folks I know...

I didn't realize how many people would remember my name after my year long absence. To try to mention them all would be a bit difficult, overwhelming, and a task I'm not interested in. However, I did enjoy every minute of it.
The pictures here are of Kristine, her sister Kendra, Keturah, Jeff, and Karissa.

Marcel, Connie, and Millie

Marcel was kind enough to offer me the apartment under their garage while I was in Sitka. They just finished their beautiful cedar home. They would argue that it isn't done... but compared to the house I grew up in it is. Their hospitality, kindness, conversation, and ice cream really made my visit more enjoyable.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Frolicking in the woods.

I probably hiked more in the week I was there than I did in a couple months while I lived there. I checked out the new Thimbleberry Heart Lake Loop, Green Lake Road, Totem Park, the Cross Trail, Indian River, and Mosquito Cove.

Down to the water.

Ocean, water, waves, eagles, splash, splash, cruise ships?
All were fun... even trying to avoid hitting the tourists downtown.
The little fishys are at the old SJ hatchery which is still plugging along.

Black and White

Ed sighting.

I was up on Castle Hill with Karissa and I spotted Ed. I sold him a few years ago to the owner of the pharmacy and this is the first time I'd seen him. There were reports that someone had painted spots on him, but it just wasn't true. There is still my senior year high school parking sticker on the rear window.

While I have since become quite the little anti-car activist, my heart did gravitate to him. Course selling him allowed me to buy my beautiful bike and the computer I am still typing on today. It was a good trade and I've saved a ton of money on car insurance.

I finished a book.

While in Sitka, I was able to finish the latest David Sedaris book. Sometimes I was in the library, sometimes at the Backdoor, and sometimes sitting on a bench next to the lake. I also had plenty of times to pick massive amounts of salmon berries and blue berries. They were literally everywhere and of the many times I ate berries, only twice were they planned outings.