Monday, September 29, 2008

ANDVSA Biennial Conference

Last week two lucky coworkers and I enjoyed the perks of being domestic violence advocates. We swam in the salt water pool, soaked in the hot tub, picked berries, and took a tram ride to the best chocolate cake I've ever had. It was nice hanging around other people that are also no longer allowed to ever say "Hey, you look familiar..." again. It wasn't all just catered food, bathrobes, and slippies. I could talk about the other stuff... but I'm a little talked out about it and there's a lot of sorting that my head needs to do. Also of note: I had a good chance to visit with some good Sitka friends and meet Emi Koyama.

It was a beautiful evergreen fall there, but I didn't take very many pictures. But here the few are.