Monday, September 29, 2008

Trumpeting Fall

I'm not blinking. I wouldn't want to miss my favorite season. I must have hung out with these trumpeter swans out in the Butte for half an hour. I nearly missed the Presidential Debate on Friday because I was so caught up in the splendor of fall sunseting on the farm land.
Other preparations for winter are underway. However, because I don't have a car these are minimal. I have a new down jacket that I love, but I'm adding a couple pockets along a seam. The others were just too low. I'm brushing up on my knitting skills. I actually started a sock today.
I've been periodically been dropping off my compost at the Spring Creek Farm, but the task is uphill and an hour and a half long. I can't quite stomach borrowing a car to go drop off my compost. I've thought of getting a worm bin, but that feels like too much. Now I'm also afraid that if I tried to get worms they would freeze on their way up here. I don't know.
Here's a full slideshow of the pictures from the month.