Thursday, January 22, 2009

JoJo takes on the world

Due to popular request, here are some pictures of JoJo thoroughly enjoying his new environs. He's discovered ladders, decks, fog, grass, birds, and candles. He cinged some of his whiskers because he got too close. My father has quite taken to him. It's precious.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tip of the Week: Hamsters and Squirrels

Two calls about damage done by rodents.

At one house a hamster got loose and found its way through the back of a dryer, over the heating coils, and up against a vertical tube that he couldn't climb. Luckily the dad took pity on his child and didn't just throw the machine away and get a new one so they wouldn't need to deal with dead hamster smell. After removing just about everything, we were able to get the hamster out alive.

The second rodent was a squirrel. A couple fed their local furry friends unshelled peanuts and one was dropped into the outside vent and down into the blower wheel. They will be replacing their vent to include a pest screen.

So don't let your hamsters get loose in your laundry room and be careful what you feed your woodland creatures.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Report

I suppose the most important thing is that I met my niece Clara. We went across the state through all the weather to visit the two grandkids. I also got to see my sister and brother and go sledding. I haven't had that much fun sledding in a long time. My sister lives on a hill and they got several feet of snow.
Before new years we went home and did inventory for the business. Then I took off for New Years Eve in Tacoma. I went to ZooLights with Katherine Bosch and then headed to Annie Fiske's. It was a fun little Sitka reunion. Cerissa Payment, Leeann Taki, and Patricia Campbell also made it. We were joined by some of our friends from around here for homemade pizza and good fun. Everyone was well, though a good portion unemployed or underemployed. Patricia and I rose early the next morning to get her to work by noon at Macy's in downtown Portland. We made great time and I piddled around and relaxed with Patricia and her sister, Becky, for a couple days. On my way back I stopped between Elma and Shelton to Kyle, Marissa, and Gary Deerkop. They neglected to tell me until I was on my way that they had moved from Chehalis, but these things can escape you occasionally and I was able to find them. Gary seemed like he was a very good baby that doesn't give them too much trouble. We ate elk burgers-yum- and I got to hold the cute one a bit. Since then it has been back to appliance repair.

Hope you are enjoying your weather! I hear it has been extra cold in Alaska.