Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tip of the Week: Hamsters and Squirrels

Two calls about damage done by rodents.

At one house a hamster got loose and found its way through the back of a dryer, over the heating coils, and up against a vertical tube that he couldn't climb. Luckily the dad took pity on his child and didn't just throw the machine away and get a new one so they wouldn't need to deal with dead hamster smell. After removing just about everything, we were able to get the hamster out alive.

The second rodent was a squirrel. A couple fed their local furry friends unshelled peanuts and one was dropped into the outside vent and down into the blower wheel. They will be replacing their vent to include a pest screen.

So don't let your hamsters get loose in your laundry room and be careful what you feed your woodland creatures.